HIDRAU MODEL is the European leading company in the manufacture of piano stools. From our beginning in 1975, we have had as main goals the quality and service in the music industry.

We manufacture and distribute any kind of piano stools designed specifically for students, schools, music academies and the most sophisticated are for professional concert musicians and in our catalogue you will be able to find musical accessories like guitar stands, piano lights and our exclusive piano adapter for children.

In recent years, Hidrau Model has committed heavily in researching and developing our products, and nowadays we are the worldwide leading company in technology for piano stools.

Our piano stools and accessories, always on top, improving and evolving, always maintaining  their functionality, quality and beauty, will get not only to any place in Spain but to the several foreign markets which honor us with their appreciation and distinction.

We are pleased to present our new website which shows once more we follow the line we started from our beginnings.